Chimney Repairs and Cleaning

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Rockland Masonry and Construction, Restoration & Waterproofing is the best choice for all of your chimney repair and maintenance needs. With over 18 years of experience in the business, our experts know all about chimneys and we’ll make sure that your chimney is ready when you want a cozy fire in your fireplace. We’re known in the Quincy, MA area for delivering superior masonry services. You can rely on us for the following:


Damper repairs
Spark arrestors
Crown seals
Fuel liner repair
Chimney inspection
Flashing repairs
Masonry repairs
Firebox repairs
Crown replacements and repair

With our expert service, your chimney damper provides the following benefits:


Blocks water seepage which causes black mold and a wet, burnt wood smell
Prevents bricks from absorbing water, causing expansion in the winter
Stops bugs from getting into the flue

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Count on Us for Chimney Cleaning and Maintenance

Reach out to our team to clean your chimney and benefit from the following:


Prevent odors in the summer months
Remove obstructions
Efficiently heat your home
Keep your chimney free from animals
Remove soot
Decreased risk of chimney fires
A long-lasting chimney
Hotter and more efficiently burning fires
Prevents heat loss through the damper
Insulates your house to keep heating and cooling costs lower

We also install chimney caps for:


Rain protection
Animal protection
Spark protection

A chimney liner is needed when you have:


Faulty or damaged flue tiles
Flue passageway is too large for the amount of BTU’s the fireplace is putting out
Holes in the flue passageway
Scaling on the flue passageway tiles
Use of a high-efficiency or condensing furnace
No existing liner in the chimney

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